b. 1989
  • Brazil
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David Almeida is graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Brasília. From canvas and linen to wood, ceramics, and engraving, his artistic exploration centers around the dynamism of space and the moving body.

Almeida’s oeuvre converges on the intersection of intimate territories, urban landscapes, and the Brazilian regional panorama. Within the pictorial space, he intricately weaves the boundaries between rural landscapes and the imaginary. At times, he accentuates material density in figurative works, while other instances witness a shift towards abstraction, displacing natural elements into canvases with metaphysical and spiritual undertones.

Concepts of memory, body, phantasmagoria, and optical perception are birthed in Almeida’s creations. His canvases subtly manifest the intimacy of a culture or people within the landscape. The dialogue between places and sensations harmonizes with his method, wherein the density of a painted night intimately relates to its oblique construction within the image.

Almeida’s artistic prowess has been acknowledged with nominations such as the PIPA Prize in 2022. His achievements include awards at the Jataí Art Salon in 2015 and 2013, the 20th Anapolino Art Salon in 2014, and the first place at the I Vera Brant Contemporary Art Award in 2016.

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