b. 1909
- d. 1992
  • ireland
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Francis Bacon’s artistic journey began with his move to London in the late 1920s, where he immersed himself in the city’s vibrant art scene. His early works were influenced by Surrealism and Expressionism, displaying a fascination with the grotesque and the psychological aspects of the human form. However, it was Bacon’s unique approach to portraiture that would ultimately define his legacy. His distorted and unsettling depictions of the human figure aimed to capture the raw emotions and existential angst that he believed lay beneath the surface of his subjects. His portraits often feature contorted and deformed faces, reflecting his interest in the fragility and complexity of human identity.

Bacon’s technique involved bold and visceral brushwork, with a masterful use of color and texture that added to the emotional impact of his paintings. He frequently depicted isolated and anguished figures against stark and haunting backgrounds, creating an atmosphere of isolation and inner turmoil. Throughout his career, Bacon drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including literature, mythology, and the works of Old Masters like Velázquez and Rembrandt. His exploration of themes such as life, death, sexuality, and violence pushed the boundaries of artistic representation and challenged societal norms.

Bacon’s tumultuous personal life, marked by intense relationships, substance abuse, and personal tragedies, often intersected with his artistic output. He was openly gay in an era when homosexuality was not widely accepted, and these experiences deeply influenced his art. His status as one of the most important and influential painters of the 20th century was solidified by major exhibitions at prestigious institutions such as the Tate Gallery in London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His artworks continue to command significant attention and acclaim in the art world, with some of his pieces becoming some of the most valuable in contemporary art auctions.


Record Sale

Francis BACON (1909-1992)
Three Studies of Lucian Freud (1969)

Lot N° 8/A
Huile/toile (triptyque)
198 x 147,5 cm
Prix au marteau: 127 000 000 $
Prix avec frais: 142 405 000 $
Post-war and contemporary art
New York NY, États-Unis

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