b. 1978
  • Brazil
Turnover 2023
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Bianca Barbato is a self-taught designer whose mastery spans across diverse raw materials and technology manipulation, ranging from laser cutting to marquetry. Her designs intricately weave together nostalgic sentiments, evoking cherished memories, emotions, and primal instincts.

Establishing her studio in Rio de Janeiro in 2008 and now residing in São Paulo, Barbato has cultivated a reputation for crafting pieces that encapsulate the essence of nostalgia and offer a sense of comfort. Her creations possess a unique ability to revive the emotive power of bygone eras.

Participating actively in numerous exhibitions and design fairs, Barbato consistently unveils new collections annually. Her work serves as a testament to her artistry, skillful manipulation of materials, and her ability to create designs that resonate deeply with audiences, stirring a sense of familiarity and warmth.

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