b. 1960
- d. 1988
Turnover 2023
$USD 187.820.053
Record Sale
$USD 110.487.500

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s artistic odyssey was profoundly influenced by his early immersion in urban life, hip-hop culture, and the vibrant world of street art. His innovative fusion of painting and street art led to his co-founding of the graffiti duo SAMO©, a venture through which he garnered recognition for his distinctive visual language and socio-political commentary. Basquiat’s solo career rapidly gained momentum, with his unfiltered, expressive canvases addressing matters of identity, race, and inequality. His distinctive blend of text, symbols, and vivid colors transcended traditional artistic confines, igniting discussions about the intersection of art, society, and the human experience. Basquiat’s body of work reflects not only a sharp intellect but also a deep appreciation of art history, all driven by an unwavering commitment to challenging established artistic conventions.


Record Sale

Jean-Michel BASQUIAT (1960-1988)
Untitled (1982)

Lot # 24
Acrylic, spray paint, oilstick/canvas
183.2 x 173 cm
Hammer price: $ 98,000,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 110,487,500
Contemporary Art Evening Auction
18 may 2017
New York NY, United States.

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