b. 1986
  • Brazil
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Gustavo Bittencourt pursued his artistic inclinations from an early age. This led him to explore various forms of visual art, nurturing his skills and honing his unique style. Drawing inspiration from the diverse landscapes, colors, and energies of Rio de Janeiro, Bittencourt’s art became a reflection of the city’s lively spirit and vivid contrasts. Bittencourt’s artistic endeavors extended beyond canvas and paint. He also engaged with other mediums, such as sculpture and mixed media, in his quest to convey his perception of the world around him. His creations often conveyed a sense of movement and dynamism, echoing the rhythms of Rio’s urban environment and the intertwining narratives of its inhabitants. Over time, his work gained recognition within both local and international art circles. His exhibitions showcased a body of work that encapsulated not only his technical prowess but also his emotional connection to his roots. By seamlessly fusing the traditional and contemporary, Bittencourt’s art captured the essence of his generation and the evolving cultural landscape of Brazil. As an artist, Gustavo Bittencourt continued to evolve, embracing new influences and pushing the boundaries of his chosen mediums. Through his dedication and innovation, he left an indelible mark on the art world, contributing to the ongoing narrative of Brazilian art and its global resonance.


Record Sale

Gustavo BITTENCOURT (1986)
Banc Benjamin Bench (2018)

Wood (îpe), cannage, métal
40 x 185 x 45 cm

Paris, France
Brazilian Design
10 dec 2020
Live & Online

Lot # 19
Hammer price: $ 8,205
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 10,714
Estimate: $ 6,033 – $ 8,446

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