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Martha Boto’s trajectory was informed by her upbringing in an environment steeped in art, science, and technology. Her father’s affiliation with the Surrealist movement and her own fascination with physics and mathematics fueled her distinctive artistic approach, skillfully weaving scientific inquiry into her aesthetic exploration.

Boto’s artistic journey reached a transformative juncture when she immersed herself in the kinetic art movement, known for its emphasis on motion, light, and engaging the viewer. Her ingenious utilization of motors, mirrors, and geometric shapes breathed life into her creations, endowing them with a dynamic sense of movement and optical illusion. Her pioneering spirit led her to experiment with new materials and technologies, yielding artworks that offered viewers an immersive experience, replete with light, shadow, and visual transformations.

Throughout her illustrious career, Martha Boto’s work stood as a testament not only to her artistic innovation but also her unwavering commitment to fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations. Her interactions with esteemed artists, poets, and scientists enriched her creative process, infusing her works with a multidimensional richness that transcended conventional artistic mediums. Boto’s enduring legacy is also marked by her dedication to knowledge-sharing, as she played a pivotal role in art education, nurturing future generations of artists and fostering an environment of experimentation and exploration.


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Martha S. BOTO (1925-2004)
Déplacement hélicoïdal lumineux (1967)

Light installation (système lumineux électrique, plexiglas, métal)/emboîtage bois
220 x 66 x 51 cm

Artcurial (S.V.V.)
Paris, France


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