b. 1445
- d. 1510
  • Italy
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Under the tutelage of the master Fra Filippo Lippi, Botticelli’s (c.1445-1510) unique style, characterized by ethereal beauty, graceful figures, and a nuanced exploration of myth and religion, began to flourish. His early works captured the enchantment of Florentine life and courtly ideals, reflecting the prevailing influences of his city. However, his true artistic brilliance revealed itself in his depictions of ancient myths and religious narratives, where his compositions exuded a timeless quality. His iconic “The Birth of Venus” and “Primavera” embodied the harmonious fusion of classicism and humanism, emphasizing the interplay between idealized forms and naturalism.

As an intimate associate of the powerful Medici family, Botticelli’s artistry was deeply intertwined with the intellectual and artistic currents of his time. His works often conveyed layers of symbolism and allegory, reflecting Neo-Platonic philosophy and the growing fascination with antiquity. Although his popularity waned in his later years due to shifting artistic preferences toward High Renaissance aesthetics, Botticelli’s devotion to religion intensified in his twilight years. This led him to create poignant altarpieces and devotional paintings.

Botticelli’s life trajectory mirrors the ebb and flow of the Renaissance itself, marked by artistic innovation, spiritual introspection, and the ephemerality of cultural trends. Despite passing away in relative obscurity, his legacy was far from forgotten. Botticelli’s resurgence in popularity during the 19th century attests to the timelessness of his artistry. Today, his works remain among the most cherished and iconic masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, exemplifying the era’s profound exploration of beauty, intellect, and spiritual contemplation.


Record Sale

Sandro BOTTICELLI (c.1445-1510)
Portrait of a young man holding a roundel

Tempera/poplar panel
39.4 cm

New York NY, United States
Master Paintings and Sculpture Part I, 28 jan 2021


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Price including buyer’s premium: $ 92,184,000

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