b. 1911
- d. 2010
  • European
  • United States
Turnover 2023
$USD 25.539.968
Record Sale
$USD 32.804.500

Louise Bourgeois was raised in a family of tapestry restorers, a background that would later shape her artistic perspective. Her early years were marked by the trauma of her father’s infidelity, an experience that profoundly influenced her themes of betrayal, sexuality, and family dynamics. Lot # 105

In the 1930s, Bourgeois emigrated to the United States with her husband, art historian Robert Goldwater, embarking on a diverse artistic journey that spanned several decades and encompassed various mediums. While her early works encompassed paintings and prints, it was in the domain of sculpture that she left an enduring mark.

Bourgeois’s sculptures, often employing materials such as bronze, marble, and fabric, are distinguished by their visceral, organic forms that evoke a potent sense of vulnerability and raw emotion. Her work continues to captivate and inspire, serving as a testament to her lasting impact on the world of contemporary art.

Louise Bourgeois spider record sale

Record sale

Louise Bourgeois

Spider (1996)

Ed. 1 / 6 +1AP
337 x 668 x 632 cm


Contemporary Evening Auction
18 may 2023, New York NY, United States


Lot # 105
Estimate: $30.000.000 – $40.000.000
Sold for: $32.804.500

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