b. 1898
- d. 1976
  • United States
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$USD 6.099.396.977
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$USD 25.925.000

Alexander Calder’s early exposure to art came from his family’s artistic background. He initially trained as an engineer, which later influenced his unique understanding of balance, movement, and structure in his art. After studying art in New York and Paris, he developed his signature style that combined abstraction, movement, and a sense of playfulness. One of Calder’s most notable innovations was the creation of the mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture that comprises suspended elements that move and interact with air currents. His mobiles have captivated viewers with their graceful movement and balanced compositions. He also created “stabiles,” large-scale abstract sculptures made of metal that remain stationary. These sculptures displayed his mastery of form, balance, and visual harmony. Calder’s work, both mobiles and stabiles, emphasized the relationship between sculpture, space, and the viewer’s interaction. Calder’s creations also extended to other artistic forms, including wire sculptures and innovative jewelry designs.


Record Sale

Alexander CALDER (1898-1976)
Poisson volant (Flying Fish) (1957)

Mobile (painted sheet metal, rod and wire)
60.9 x 226 x 101.6 cm

New York NY, United States.
Post-War and Contemporary Art Auction on May, 13, 2014

Lot # 8
Estimate: $ 9.000.000 – $ 12.000.000.                                             Hammer price: $ 23.000.000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 25.925.000

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