b. 1930
- d. 1990
  • Brazil
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$USD 2.165.000
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Sergio Camargo embarked on his artistic journey by studying under Pettoruti and Lucio Fontana at the Altamira Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1948, he set his sights on Europe and made his way to Paris, where he pursued philosophy studies at the Sorbonne. It was in the vibrant artistic milieu of Paris that he crossed paths with luminaries such as Brancusi, Arp, and Van Tongerloo.

From 1961 to 1974, Camargo resided in Paris, immersing himself in the European art scene. Upon his return to Brazil, he chose Rio de Janeiro as his new home. Camargo’s artistic career was punctuated by numerous solo exhibitions, both in Brazil and abroad. He left his mark on prestigious events such as the Venice Biennale (where he had a special room in 1966), the Medellín Biennial (1970), and the Carrara Biennial (1973), among others.

In 1965, his remarkable talent was recognized with the award of the gold medal for the best national sculptor at the São Paulo Biennial. In the catalog of the exhibition hosted by the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro in 1981, Casimiro Xavier de Mendonça reflected: “Sergio de Camargo has never overemphasized the act of creation. For him, the artist-craftsman who possesses the ability to create a work remains on a descriptive plane. What truly matters is the creative artist who formulates his plan of ideas, the one who knows how to perceive in order to have something to convey.”

In May 2002, the Atelier Sérgio Camargo was inaugurated at the Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro. It stands as a replica of the artist’s studio and a permanent space dedicated to his extraordinary body of work. Sergio Camargo’s legacy endures, a radiant testament to his profound contributions to the tapestry of modern art in Brazil.


Record Sale

Sergio DE CAMARGO (1930-1990)
Untitled (1964)

Sculpture, wood (painted)
Ed. 21 / 52
85 x 85 x 7 cm

Lot # 36
Hammer price: $ 1,800,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 2,165,000
Estimate: $ 400,000 – $ 600,000

Latin American Art Modern & Contemporary
20 nov 2013 New York NY, United States.

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