b. 1963
  • Brazil
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Rooted in an independent artistic background, Alex Cerveny’s journey began with a period of study under the guidance of mentors. Between 1978 and 1982, he honed his skills in drawing and painting under Valdir Sarubbi. From 1982 to 1986, he delved into the realm of metal engraving and printing techniques through instruction from Selma D’Affre. In 1982, he also engaged in a free lithography course led by Odair Magalhães at FAAP. During the early 1980s, Cerveny’s artistic exploration took a unique turn as he became part of the Piolin Academy of Circus Arts, followed by an enriching stint at the Circo Escola Picadeiro. 

Cerveny’s artistic oeuvre transports us to a realm of fantasy, where biblical and mythological figures coexist with elements of fauna, flora, and surreal landscapes. His work bridges the gap between text and imagery, weaving narratives from various epochs – spanning from ancient tales to modern soap operas. Implicit within his creations is a profound connection to the human body. Frequently, text becomes inscribed upon the body, while the body itself becomes a conduit for storytelling, serving as a central axis around which other visual elements evolve. This male body, often endowed with a sense of provocation and eroticism, carries traces that echo the artist’s own physiognomy.

Alex Cerveny’s artistic journey is a tapestry of influences and experiences, blending circus performance with a deep engagement in visual storytelling. Through his evocative artworks, he invites viewers to explore a world that blurs the lines between reality and imagination, inviting us to reconsider the interplay between the human form, narrative, and the fantastical.


Record Sale

Alex CERVENY (1963)
Uma cabeça de homem


Mixed media
38 x 54 cm


Lot # 376
Hammer price: $ 2,145
Tableau Arte & Leilões
19 jun 2012, São Paulo, Brazil.

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