b. 1990
  • Brazil
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Fran Chang possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, complemented by a profound academic extension in Astrophysics and Astronautics from the esteemed Federal University of Santa Catarina.

In her artistic odyssey, Fran Chang skillfully constructs landscapes on silk canvases, invoking the vastness of horizons in contrast to the canvas’s dimensions. Drawing inspiration from desolate terrains devoid of humanity and verdancy, her works illuminate ethereal lunar landscapes dominated by the elements—steam, water, and ice.

The choice of silk as her pictorial medium, resonating with her Taiwanese heritage, imbues her creations with a diaphanous quality, establishing a profound dialogue with the tradition of painting.

Fran Chang’s oeuvre delves into the contemporary narrative of our connection with nature mediated by digital imagery, exploring the intangibility of the natural world. Through scenes portraying a dissipating world, she probes the ambiguous potential of silence and solitude.

Her work is part of the collection of the Museu de Arte do Rio, in Rio de Janeiro. In 2020, she received Itaú Cultural’s Arte como Respiro public award.

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