b. 1834
- d. 1917
  • European
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Edgar Degas’ early education at the École des Beaux-Arts introduced him to the works of renowned masters, fostering both a reverence for tradition and a fervent desire to break free from its confines. As a pivotal figure in the Impressionist movement, Degas was driven by a restless curiosity, capturing everyday scenes with unparalleled precision. His iconic ballet dancer series stands as a testament to his fascination with human movement, grace, and the convergence of art and reality. His command over oil paintings, pastels, printmaking, and even sculpture showed a versatile artistic prowess.

Degas represented Parisian café life, horse races, women’s intimate moments, and family portraits, capturing the essence of a vibrant era. In his later years, Degas’ relentless pursuit of artistic growth led him to sculpture, a medium that allowed him to channel his creativity even as his eyesight diminished. His bronze sculptures, infused with the same meticulous attention to detail and innovative vision, depicted dancers, bathers, and horses with a three-dimensional vitality that transcends time. Edgar Degas’ legacy extends far beyond his artistic achievements. His profound impact on art history is evidenced by his role in shaping Impressionism and influencing subsequent generations of artists. 


Record Sale

Edgar DEGAS (1834-1917)
Little fourteen-year-old dancer (c.1879-1927)

Bronze, brown patina with muslin skirt and satin hair ribbon / wooden base. Cast in 1927
102.9 cm

New York NY, United States
The collection of Anne H. Bass 12 may 2022

Lot N° 2/C
Hammer price: $36,000,000
Price with fees: $41,610,000
Estimate: $20,000,000 – $30,000,000.

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