b. 1917
- d. 2013
  • Brazil
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Coming from a lineage of priests and healers within the Candomblé religion, Mestre Didi’s upbringing was immersed in the rituals, beliefs, and artistic expressions of his Afro-Brazilian heritage. As a young man, he displayed a profound affinity for both the spiritual and the artistic, further deepening his connection to the rich cultural tapestry of his background.

Mestre Didi’s creative journey was characterized by his remarkable ability to bridge the realms of spirituality and art. Serving as a priest in the Candomblé tradition, he possessed a deep understanding of the intricate symbolism, rhythms, and rituals that defined the religion. This intimate knowledge permeated his artistic pursuits, as he channeled the sacred rhythms of Candomblé into his sculptures, masks, and various artistic creations. His work served as a testament to the syncretism between African traditions and Brazilian culture, weaving together threads of ancestry, spirituality, and artistic expression.

Didi’s artistic output encompassed a wide range of mediums, including woodcarving, sculpture, and jewelry. His creations often depicted deities, spirits, and mythical beings, offering viewers a glimpse into the rich cosmology of the Candomblé tradition. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Mestre Didi was also a dedicated educator, sharing his knowledge of Candomblé and its artistic expressions with future generations, ensuring the preservation and continuation of these cultural practices.

Throughout his life, Mestre Didi’s legacy extended beyond the boundaries of his artistic achievements. His contributions to Afro-Brazilian culture and spirituality earned him respect both locally and internationally. His passing in 2013 marked the end of a remarkable chapter in Brazilian cultural heritage, yet his impact continues to resonate through his art, his teachings, and his role as a cultural ambassador for Afro-Brazilian traditions.


Record Sale

Mestre DIDI (1917-2013)

Sculpture ( palha, couro pintado e contas coloridas. )
180 x 45 x 22 cm

Bolsa De Arte
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Arte, 06 feb 2014

Lot # 5
Hammer price: $ 18,715
Estimate: $ 10,397 – $ 14,556

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