b. 1959
  • England
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$USD 12.389.672
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$USD 39.862.500

Peter Doig’s artistic voyage has been marked by a continual exploration of the intricate interplay between memory, imagination, and reality. His early life in Canada and subsequent experiences in Trinidad, London, and various other locales have profoundly influenced the palette and themes of his art.

Doig’s creations are distinguished by their dreamlike quality, often evoking a sense of nostalgia and contemplation. His adeptness with color and texture, coupled with his distinctive capability to capture the interplay of light, bestows his paintings with a mesmerizing and ethereal ambiance. While his subjects frequently encompass landscapes, figures, and allusions to popular culture, his treatment of these subjects transcends mere representation, beckoning viewers into a realm of psychological depth and emotion.

Through his varied and eclectic style, Doig has succeeded in forging a unique visual language that is deeply personal yet universally resonant. His exploration of the tension between reality and fiction, memory and imagination, continues to captivate global audiences. With his work held in major art institutions and private collections, Peter Doig’s legacy as a contemporary master remains firmly established.


Record Sale

Peter DOIG (1959)
Swamped (1990)

196 x 241 cm


New York NY, United States
21st Century Evening Sale
09 nov 2021

Lot # 9/A
Hammer price: $ 34,500,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 39,862,500

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