b. 1913
- d. 1977
  • Brazil
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Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Martin Eisler’s formative years were marked by his immersion in the Bauhaus movement and modernist principles that emphasized the harmonious blend of form and function. His relocation to Brazil in the 1930s marked a significant turning point, as he became an active participant in the burgeoning Brazilian design scene.

Eisler’s collaboration with fellow designer Carlo Hauner resulted in the establishment of “Forma,” a design studio dedicated to championing modernist ideals while embracing the diverse material culture of Brazil. Their creations seamlessly merged European design sensibilities with indigenous materials and traditional craftsmanship, resulting in an iconic collection that resonated with both local and international audiences. Eisler’s contributions extended beyond furniture; his multifaceted talents encompassed interior design, architecture, and even the design of corporate identities.

Eisler’s work is characterized by its clean lines, inventive use of materials, and a profound reverence for the natural world. His designs evoke a sense of timelessness, reflecting his belief in design as a means of enhancing everyday life. Despite his remarkable achievements, Eisler’s career encountered challenges as political upheavals in Brazil influenced his ability to fully realize his vision. In the 1960s, he relocated to the United States, where he continued to pursue his creative endeavors, leaving a lasting legacy on both sides of the hemisphere.


Record Sale

Martin EISLER (1913-1977)
Chaises (1950)

Wood (imbuia), cannage, cuir. Édition Forma
82 x 42 x 51 cm



Brazilian Design
13 apr 2023
Paris, France


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