b. 1972
  • Brazil
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Marcius Galan’s formative years in São Paulo had a profound impact on his artistic journey. His upbringing instilled in him a deep sensitivity to urban landscapes, architectural forms, and the intricate relationship between space and perception.

Galan’s exploration of these themes led to the creation of artworks that challenge conventional notions of space, structure, and materiality. He adeptly blurs the lines between the tangible and the abstract. Galan’s artistic practice is characterized by his uncanny ability to transform everyday materials and commonplace objects into intellectually stimulating installations and sculptures. His work often revolves around the reconfiguration of familiar elements into unfamiliar arrangements, inviting viewers to question their assumptions and engage with the mysteries of spatial relationships.

Through his art, he unveils hidden dimensions within ordinary objects, encouraging audiences to reevaluate their immediate surroundings and contemplate the profound intricacies of their environment. While Marcius Galan’s body of work undeniably reflects his architectural background, it is equally influenced by his profound interest in minimalism, conceptual art, and geometric abstraction. His creations constitute a dialogue between form and concept, where meticulous craftsmanship converges with intellectual inquiry.

Galan’s work has been prominently featured in galleries and exhibitions worldwide, solidifying his reputation as a thought-provoking contemporary artist who challenges viewers to perceive the world in fresh and innovative ways.


Record Sale

Marcius GALAN (1972)
Área comum

Concrete, acrylique
13 x 105 x 105 cm

Bolsa De Arte
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Arte Moderna e Contemporânea
14 apr 2015

Lot # 139
Hammer price: $ 19,446
Estimate: $ 12,964 – $ 19,446

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