b. 1977
  • Romania
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$USD 4.132.795.700
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$USD 12.484.318
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Adrian Ghenie’s early career in Romania was marked by the consequences of the country’s communist regime, which left a lasting impression on his art. His move to Cluj-Napoca enabled him to study at the University of Art and, later, at Belgium’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. These formative experiences shaped his artistic perspective, enabling him to fuse both Eastern European history and contemporary Western influences. His artistic style is characterized by a dynamic interplay between realism and abstraction.

Ghenie’s paintings often feature haunting portraits of historical figures and fictional characters, rendered with almost sculptural depth and texture. His dramatic lighting and vivid color palettes add emotional intensity to his subjects, invoking a sense of mystery and psychological depth. Ghenie’s fascination with the human psyche and historical events is evident in his series of paintings that reimagine key moments and figures in history, often combining reality and fiction. His work encourages viewers to reconsider familiar narratives and contemplate the complex interplay of memory, perception and reality.

Adrian Ghenie’s art invites viewers into a world where history and imagination converge, sparking a dialogue about the complexities of human experience and how past events continue to shape our understanding of the present. Her contributions to contemporary art offer poignant reflections on the ever-changing nature of identity, memory and artistic expression.


Record Sale

Adrian GHENIE (1977)
Pie Fight Interior 12 (2014)

Lot # 8/a
284 x 350 cm
Hammer price: $ 8,662,588 (HKD 68,000,000 )
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 10,326,314 (HKD 81,060,000 )
Estimate: $ 8,662,588 – $ 12,484,318 (HKD 68,000,000 – HKD 98,000,000 )
20th/21st Century Art Evening Sale
26 may 2022
Convention Hall, Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

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