b. 19231010
- d. 20231031
  • Switzerland
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$USD 126.000.000

Alberto Giacometti’s journey led him to become one of the most renowned and recognizable artists of his time. Giacometti’s early artistic training was rooted in the expressionist and surrealist movements, and he became associated with the Surrealist group in Paris. However, his exploration of form, space, and the human figure took him beyond the confines of any specific artistic movement. His sculptures are particularly celebrated for their unique approach to representing the human figure.

Giacometti’s figures are elongated and often reduced to slender, fragile forms that seem to convey a sense of existential isolation and vulnerability. This unique portrayal of the human condition became a hallmark of his work. Giacometti’s sculptures and paintings frequently reflect his fascination with the relationship between an object or figure and the space it occupies. He experimented with the concept of negative space, creating an interplay between presence and absence that enhanced the psychological depth of his pieces.

One of his most iconic works, “Walking Man,” exemplifies his approach to sculpture. The figure’s elongated form captures a sense of movement and psychological tension, encapsulating themes of human existence and the struggle for identity. Despite his exploration of abstraction and symbolic representation, Giacometti’s work maintains a sense of realism that invites viewers to engage with the existential questions he sought to convey. His dedication to perfecting his art and his tireless pursuit of capturing the essence of humanity earned him international acclaim.


Record Sale

Alberto Giacometti
L’homme au doigt (1947)

Bronze, patina and hand-painted by the artist
Ed. 6 / 6
177,5 cm


Lot # 29

Hammer price: $126,000,000
Price with fees: $141,285,000
Estimate: $130,000,000

New York NY, États-Unis
Looking Forward to the Past, 11, may 2015

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