b. 1968
  • United States
Turnover 2023
$USD 30.877.529
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Hailing from Los Angeles, Mark Grotjahn’s formative years in the midst of the city’s diverse cultural and artistic landscape significantly shaped his artistic journey. Grotjahn’s body of work is characterized by an innovative approach to abstraction, where he delves into intricate geometric patterns, vibrant palettes, and complex perspectives to craft visually enthralling and intellectually stimulating compositions.

Grotjahn’s mastery lies in his capacity to transcend conventional concepts of representation, drawing viewers into his enigmatic and captivating visual realms. His artistic path is marked by an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and a relentless pursuit of visual experimentation. His deep-seated interest in the psychology of perception, coupled with his exploration of the interplay between structure and chaos, sets his work apart as a distinct exploration of human cognition and emotion.

Through his iconic “butterfly” and “face” series, Grotjahn has redefined the parameters of abstract art, infusing it with a profound resonance that resonates with audiences on both intellectual and emotional levels. Over the years, Mark Grotjahn’s artistic contributions have garnered international recognition, securing him a prominent position in the realm of contemporary art. His exhibitions in esteemed galleries and museums worldwide have solidified his reputation as a visionary artist who challenges conventional perspectives and blurs the lines between art history, psychology, and visual aesthetics. Grotjahn’s legacy extends beyond the canvas; it encompasses his influence on a new generation of artists who draw inspiration from his courage in forging new artistic paths.


Record Sale

Mark GROTJAHN (1968)
Untitled (S III Released to France Face 43.14) – (2011)

256 x 186 cm

New York NY, United States
Post-War & Contemporary evening sale
17 may 2017

Lot # 36/b
Hammer price: $ 14,750,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 16,767,500
Estimate: $ 13,000,000 – $ 16,000,000

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