b. 1903
- d. 1975
  • England
Turnover 2023
$USD 25.542.798
Record Sale
$USD 8.634.000

Barbara Hepworth attended the Leeds School of Art and later the Royal College of Art in London. Hepworth’s early works were influenced by primitive art and natural forms. She began experimenting with abstract sculpture in the 1920s, often carving directly into wood or stone. Her innovative approach to material and her focus on organic shapes set her apart from her contemporaries. In 1939, Hepworth moved to St. Ives in Cornwall, a location that would influence her work. She started working with bronze, allowing her to create more intricate and delicate forms. She was a prominent member of the avant-garde art movement, exhibiting her sculptures in galleries and museums around the world. She emphasized the relationship between sculpture and its environment, creating pieces that invited viewers to engage with both the artwork and its surroundings.


Record Sale

Barbara HEPWORTH (1903-1975)
Elegy III (1966) 

Sculpture-Volume Bronze, brown and green patina. 
Cast 1967 Ed. 3 / 6 139,5 cm 

New York NY, États-Unis
Visionary: The Paul G. Allen Collection Part I 09, nov, 2022

Lot N° 19

Prix au marteau: 7 200 000 $ 
Prix avec frais: 8 634 000 $ 
Estimation: 3 000 000 $ – 5 000 000 $ 

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