b. 1907
- d. 1954
  • Mexico
Turnover 2023
$USD 7.589.627
Record Sale
$USD 34.883.000

Stricken by polio at the age of six, she bore the effects of a shorter leg and resorted to concealing it beneath flowing skirts. Her education led her to the esteemed National Preparatory School in Mexico City, where she encountered the eminent Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. The trajectory of her life took a profound turn in 1925 when a severe bus accident inflicted fractures upon her spine and pelvis. Despite regaining the capacity to walk, Kahlo endured recurring bouts of pain throughout her existence.

Rekindling her connection with Rivera in 1928, their interaction soon blossomed into a romantic relationship that culminated in marriage. Early years saw them traverse cities due to Rivera’s artistic obligations, including San Francisco, New York, and Detroit. Kahlo, immobilized by frequent pain episodes, sought solace in painting during these times. An encounter with the renowned Surrealist artist André Breton in 1938 resulted in an invitation to exhibit her creations in Paris. In 1941, the Mexican government commissioned her to depict five significant Mexican women, yet the project faltered due to her father’s demise and ongoing health struggles. Notwithstanding personal adversities, her artistic reputation surged, leading to inclusion in various individual and group exhibitions.

In 1944, Kahlo produced one of her most iconic pieces, “The Broken Column.” The painting portrays her bisected form, exposing a shattered spine reminiscent of a fractured column. Her body is adorned with nails, evoking her distinctive approach to symbolism and color, infused with both Surrealist tactics and traditional Mexican artistry. Despite her declining health during the 1950s, Kahlo persisted in her creative pursuits and showcasing her art. She passed away at her Mexico City residence at the age of 47. Kahlo’s legacy was embraced by the feminist movement of the 1970s, positioning her as an emblematic figure. 


Record Sale

Frida KAHLO (1907-1954)
Diego y yo (1949)
30 x 22.4 cm

Modern Evening Auction
16 nov 2021, New York NY, United States

Lot # 12
Hammer price: $ 30,129,500
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 34,883,000
Estimate: $ 30,000,000 – $ 50,000,000

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