b. 1928
- d. 1962
  • France
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Hailing from Nice, France, Yves Klein exhibited an early fascination with color and form. His artistic odyssey led him to craft a distinctive style that seamlessly melded painting, sculpture, and performance.

Klein is most prominently recognized for his innovation of the vibrant ultramarine shade famously known as “International Klein Blue” (IKB). This intense hue became a signature element of his work and symbolized his exploration of the immaterial and the boundless through the medium of color. His iconic monochromatic canvases, frequently executed in IKB, conveyed a profound sense of spiritual depth and a yearning to transcend the physical realm.

In addition to his color experimentation, Klein delved into unconventional artistic practices. He conducted performances and events that blurred the demarcation between art and life. His influential “Anthropometry” series entailed the use of the human body as a paintbrush, resulting in intricate imprints on canvas. Furthermore, Klein’s fascination with the ethereal prompted him to probe the concept of the void, representing an artistic space that transcends tangible matter.


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Yves KLEIN (1928-1962)
Le Rose du bleu (RE 22) (1960)

Mixed media (dry pigment in synthetic resin, natural sponges and pebbles)/board
199 x 153 x 16 cm

London, United Kingdom

Post-War & Contemporary Art, 27 jun 2012



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