b. 1904
- d. 1997
  • Netherlands
Turnover 2023
$USD 165.478.213
Record Sale
$USD 68.937.500

Hailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Willem de Kooning’s artistic odyssey led him from his homeland to the United States, where he assumed a prominent role in the New York art scene. De Kooning’s early works reflected his engagement with cubism and surrealism. However, he is most renowned for his influential role in the abstract expressionist movement.

His paintings, characterized by dynamic brushwork and layered compositions, often conveyed a sense of emotional intensity and gestural energy. De Kooning’s artistic approach was marked by his willingness to experiment with diverse techniques and styles. He traversed the realms of figuration and abstraction, producing works that ignited dialogue and interpretation. His contributions to the art world earned him recognition and influence among fellow artists and critics alike.

Despite grappling with personal challenges and the evolving tides of artistic trends, de Kooning remained an esteemed figure throughout his career. His legacy as a pioneering abstract expressionist painter endures, shaping the course of modern art and leaving an indelible mark on subsequent generations of artists.


Record Sale

Willem DE KOONING (1904-1997)
Woman as Landscape  (1954-1955)


Mixed media (oil and charcoal)/canvas
166.3 x 125.4 cm

New York NY, United States
An American Place | The Barney A. Ebsworth Collection Evening Sale
13 nov 2018

Lot # 7/B
Hammer price: $ 61,000,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 68,937,500
Estimate: $ 60,000,000 – $ 80,000,000

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