b. 1898
- d. 1967
  • Belgium
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René Magritte’s artistic journey was marked by a unique ability to challenge perceptions and question the nature of reality. Magritte’s early exposure to art and his studies at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels laid the groundwork for his meticulous technique and keen attention to detail. However, it was his encounter with surrealism and its leader, André Breton, that catalyzed his exploration of the mysterious and the subconscious. Magritte’s artistic philosophy was rooted in the belief that art should provoke thoughts rather than merely depict reality. His iconic paintings often featured ordinary objects, juxtaposed in unexpected ways or combined with dreamlike elements, challenging viewers to question the relationship between image and meaning.

The notion of the “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (“This is not a pipe”) in his famous work “The Treachery of Images” exemplifies his fascination with the interplay between representation and reality. His exploration of duality, illusion, and the uncanny earned him a distinct place within the surrealist movement. Magritte’s ability to create visual puzzles, where the ordinary became extraordinary and the familiar turned into the unfamiliar, captured the essence of his art. His legacy endures not only for his captivating imagery but also for his profound influence on conceptual art and his ability to challenge the way we perceive the world. Throughout his career, Magritte continued to push artistic boundaries, exploring themes of identity, mystery, and the limitations of language. His exploration of the surreal, coupled with his mastery of technique, has solidified his place as a pivotal figure in modern art, inspiring generations of artists to delve into the complexities of perception, reality, and the boundless depths of the human imagination.


Record Sale

René MAGRITTE (1898-1967)
L’empire des lumières (1961)

114 x 146 cm

London, United Kingdom
Modern & Contemporary Evening Auction
02 mar 2022


Lot # 114
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Price including buyer’s premium: $ 79,353,624

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