b. 1925
- d. 1992
  • United States
Turnover 2023
$USD 55.635.726
Record Sale
$USD 16.625.000
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Joan Mitchell’s formative years were defined by an unwavering passion for art, ultimately leading her to pursue studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and later, in New York City. Mitchell’s immersion in the New York art scene during the 1950s served as the catalyst for her distinct artistic voice, aligning her with the abstract expressionist movement while embracing her own unique perspective. Mitchell’s art is distinguished by its potent emotional resonance, often drawing inspiration from the natural world, landscapes, and her personal experiences. Her expansive canvases burst forth with vibrant hues and bold brushwork, capturing the very essence of emotion and memory through the lens of abstraction. Mitchell’s passionate and gestural mark-making, coupled with her profound connection to her surroundings, firmly established her as one of the foremost figures in the second generation of abstract expressionists. Her enduring impact on the art world is a testament to her influential contributions.


Record Sale

Joan MITCHELL (1925-1992)
Blueberry (1969)

Lot N° 6/b
200 x 150 cm
Prix au marteau: 14 500 000 $
Prix avec frais: 16 625 000 $
Estimation: 5 000 000 $ – 7 000 000 $
Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale
New York NY, États-Unis.

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