b. 1929
- d. 2004
  • Brazil
Turnover 2023
$USD 18.000.000
Record Sale
$USD 461.000

Lygia Pape’s artistic journey was marked by an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering pursuit of innovative forms of artistic expression. Her early immersion in theater, literature, and dance profoundly influenced her approach to art, infusing her work with a dynamic and performative quality. As a central figure in the Neo-Concrete movement, she aimed to dissolve the boundaries between art and life, crafting immersive experiences that engaged viewers on a multisensory level. Pape’s career was distinguished by her adept navigation of diverse mediums, spanning from painting and sculpture to film and installation, all while upholding a distinctive visual language characterized by geometric precision and a vibrant color palette.


Record Sale

Lygia PAPE (1929-2004)
Twelve Elements from The Night and Day Book (Book of Light) (1963/76)

Lot # 13
Mixed media sculpture (acrylic and tempera/wood constructions)
16 x 16 x 1.5 cm
Hammer price: $ 380,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 461,000
Estimate: $ 300,000 – $ 500,000
Latin America
29 may 2014
New York NY, United States.

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