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Nurtured within the vibrant cultural mosaic of Brazil, Marina Perez Simão’s formative years cultivated a profound connection to the natural world and a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between social, political, and ecological elements. This foundation has set the stage for a creative journey characterized by the fusion of diverse artistic mediums and an unwavering commitment to addressing pressing global issues through her art.

Simão’s artistic practice seamlessly melds disparate elements, encompassing sculpture, installation, painting, and performance. Her work consistently blurs the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, inviting viewers to reconsider their perceptions of reality and contemplate the symbiotic connections that interlace human existence with the natural world. Frequently, her creations incorporate organic materials, found objects, and cutting-edge technologies, thereby manifesting her profound concern for the environment and delving into the delicate equilibrium between human intervention and the preservation of our planet’s fragile ecosystems.

Throughout her career, Marina Perez Simão’s artistic expression has evolved in harmony with her explorations of themes like cultural heritage, colonialism, and the enduring legacy of indigenous wisdom. Her installations and exhibitions function as immersive experiences, compelling audiences to actively engage with critical societal issues on a visceral level. Simão’s influence extends beyond her artistry; she also plays an essential role as an educator, generously sharing her insights and methodologies with emerging artists who aspire to navigate the convergence of art, activism, and environmental stewardship


Record Sale

Marina PEREZ SIMAO (1980)
Untitled (2020)

160.3 x 200.7 cm

20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale
13 oct 2023
London, United Kingdom

Lot # 5
Hammer price: $ 91,032
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 115,611
Estimate: $ 84,963 – $ 121,376

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