b. 1943
- d. 2019
  • Brazil
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$USD 112.293

Wanda Pimentel delved into the world of painting under the tutelage of Ivan Serpa at the Museum of Modern Art – MAM – Rio, in 1965. Her artistic journey gained recognition when her works were selected for the I and II National Biennial of Plastic Arts in Salvador, BA, in 1966 and 1968, respectively. In 1969, she achieved the Jury Exemption certificate at the XVII Salão Nacional de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro, marking the same year she made her debut with solo exhibitions at Galerie Debret in Paris and Galeria Relevo in Rio de Janeiro.

Her artistic contributions extended to various renowned exhibitions, including the Bienal Internacional de São Paulo in 1971 and the show “Arte/Brasil 50 anos Depois/ Hoje” in São Paulo in 1972. Back in Rio de Janeiro, she left her mark in the Salão de Verão in 1969, where she received a prize for an international trip. She also participated in the Panorama de Arte Atual Brasileira in 1970, 1972, 1973, and 1990, as well as “Arte Agora I: Brasil, 70-75.”

Wanda was an essential part of the national delegation in significant exhibitions of Brazilian art abroad, including the International Drawing Exhibition in Puerto Rico in 1968, the Paris Biennale in 1971, and the Buenos Aires Printmaking Triennial in 1979. Her solo exhibitions were held at various institutional venues in Rio de Janeiro, including the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in 1994, Paço Imperial in 1997, Parque Lage in 2000, and Museu de Arte Moderna, MAM-Rio, in 2004.

In 1973, art critic Roberto Pontual described her work as a denouncement of the dehumanization of the modern world, featuring environments suspended in coldness, indifference, tense muteness, hypertrophy of the object, isolation, loss of identity, and rupture of communication. André Seffrin, conducting research for the Bolsa de Arte, shared a review from the Jornal do Commércio on October 15, 1979, signed by Walmir Ayala, praising the magic of her linear, organic constructions, devoid of decorative elements and pulsating with spatial vitality.


Record Sale

Wanda PIMENTEL (1943-2019)
Série: Do caminho ao elo sobre-humano (1965)

75 x 65 cm

Bolsa De Arte
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
06 feb 2014



Lot # 83
Hammer price: $ 103,975
Estimate: $ 91,498 – $ 112,293

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