b. 1933
  • Italy
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Michelangelo Pistoletto’s formative years were characterized by a deep engagement with both artistic and philosophical ideas. His exposure to the works of Renaissance masters and his immersion in the Turin artistic scene laid the groundwork for his lifelong exploration of the relationship between art, time, space, and human interaction.

Pistoletto’s artistic journey is defined by an unwavering desire to challenge established artistic norms and to provoke engagement with viewers. His groundbreaking series of “Mirror Paintings,” which he crafted in the late 1950s, immersed the audience in his art by making them an integral part of the work through their reflections. This innovative approach foreshadowed his later involvement with Arte Povera, a movement that rejected traditional art materials in favor of the ordinary and mundane.

In the 1960s and beyond, Pistoletto continued to push the boundaries, exploring conceptual art, happenings, and socially engaged projects. Pistoletto’s trajectory has been marked by a profound commitment to the transformative potential of art, a belief that extends beyond aesthetics to encompass societal and political dimensions.

His influence transcends his artistic endeavors, as Pistoletto has been an inspiration to subsequent generations of artists seeking to transcend traditional definitions of art. His legacy serves as a testament to his dedication to bridging art with life, creating dialogues between artistic expression, social engagement, and the individual’s place in the world.


Record Sale

Michelangelo PISTOLETTO (1933)
Uomo che guarda un negativo (Man Looking at a Negative) (1967)

Mixed media (painted tissue paper)/polished stainless steel
230 x 120 cm

London, United Kingdom
Thinking Italian
06 oct 2017

Lot # 108
Hammer price: $ 4,045,717
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 4,856,492
Estimate: $ 3,262,675 – $ 4,567,745

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