b. 1612
- d. 1680
  • Netherlands
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Frans Janszoon Post’s journey to Brazil was facilitated by the Dutch West India Company, which had established a colony in what is now northeastern Brazil. In 1636, he traveled to Brazil as part of a scientific expedition led by Count Johan Maurits van Nassau-Siegen. The purpose of the expedition was to document the newly acquired Dutch colony’s flora, fauna, and indigenous people. During his time in Brazil, Frans Post created a significant body of work that captured the lush landscapes, exotic plants, animals, and the lifestyle of the indigenous people. His paintings are considered to be some of the earliest European depictions of the Brazilian landscape.

Post’s meticulous attention to detail, use of vibrant colors, and accurate portrayal of the local flora and fauna set his work apart. His paintings often combined naturalistic representations of the environment with elements of European landscape painting. He depicted a wide range of scenes, from panoramic views of Dutch-controlled settlements and sugar plantations to serene landscapes featuring local wildlife and indigenous people. After spending seven years in Brazil, Post returned to the Netherlands in 1644. He continued to paint Brazilian scenes, drawing on the sketches and studies he had made during his time in the colony. His work contributed to the European understanding and perception of the New World and its exotic beauty.

Frans Post’s Brazilian landscapes were widely appreciated in his time and influenced other artists and explorers. His work was particularly popular in Dutch circles and contributed to the growing interest in colonial territories, and have been displayed in museums and art collections around the world, showcasing his unique ability to bridge the gap between European artistic traditions and the enchanting landscapes of a newly discovered land.


Record Sale

Frans Jansz. POST (1612-1680)
View of the Town and Homestead of Frederik in Paraiba, Brazil (1638)

60.5 x 84.5 cm

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