b. 1891
- d. 1982
  • Italy
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$USD 106.483
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$USD 36.586
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Scapinelli studied architecture and design in Italy before going to Brazil in the 1920s. He came at just the right time, when Brazil was experiencing a surge of artistic and cultural energy during the modernist renaissance. Scapinelli’s unique furniture designs quickly gained acclaim for their modernist style. Scapinelli’s work skillfully combined traditional craftsmanship with modernism, resulting in furniture that was both practical and aesthetic. The fusion was evident through elegant lines, organic contours, and innovative use of materials, showcasing his skill in blending art and functionality. Scapinelli’s furniture was known for its attention to detail, craftsmanship, and use of wood, glass, and metal. His innovative creations were commissioned to decorate homes, public areas, and commercial spaces, bringing modernity and refinement to interior spaces. Though design trends evolved with the passage of time, Scapinelli’s creations remained impervious to temporal vagaries. Collectors and aficionados continue to seek his furniture pieces, their enduring allure a testament to Scapinelli’s abiding influence. His legacy persists as a luminous testament to his pivotal contributions to the tapestry of Brazilian modernist design.


Record Sale

Giuseppe SCAPINELLI (1891-1982)
Bibliothèque (c.1950)

Wood (caviuna) & métal
233 x 306 x 50 cm

Artcurial (S.V.V.)
Paris, France
Design Brésilien, 12 sep 2023

Lot # 26
Hammer price: $ 27,886
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 36,586
Estimate: $ 10,725 – $ 16,088

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