b. 1919
- d. 2022
  • France
Turnover 2023
$USD 38.562.721
Record Sale
$USD 20.141.700

Hailing from Rodez, France, Pierre Soulages’ artistic journey was defined by an unyielding commitment to exploring the interplay of color, form, and texture, particularly through his pioneering use of black as a primary medium. Often referred to as the “painter of black,” Soulages’ approach to this color transcended conventional associations, as he transformed it into a conduit for infinite variations of light, shadow, and depth.

Soulages’ groundbreaking experimentation with texture, frequently achieved through innovative techniques involving thick brushstrokes and scraping, elevated his work to an immersive sensory experience. His fascination with the materiality of paint and his rigorous exploration of its possibilities opened new avenues for artistic expression while challenging established norms. His works are distinguished by their capacity to capture and reflect light, inviting viewers into a contemplative engagement with the canvas.

Throughout his career, Soulages demonstrated an unwavering dedication to pushing artistic boundaries, continuously evolving his style while maintaining a profound connection to his distinctive use of black. His influence extended beyond painting to encompass architecture and design, with his monumental stained glass windows adorning various architectural landmarks. His body of work embodies an unrelenting quest for the essence of art, transcending the limitations of color to delve into the very core of visual perception.


Record Sale

Pierre SOULAGES (1919-2022)
Peinture, 4 août 1961 (1961)

195 x 129 cm

New York NY, United States
Modern Evening Auction
16 nov 2021


Lot # 10
Hammer price: $ 17,300,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 20,141,700
Estimate: $ 8,000,000 – $ 12,000,000

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