b. 1906
- d. 1992
  • Brazil
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$USD 915.110
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$USD 219.478
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Joaquim Tenreiro arrived in Brazil in 1928, embarking on a creative journey that would significantly shape the country’s artistic landscape. In 1929, he enrolled in the drawing course at the Portuguese Literary High School, marking the initiation of his formal artistic education. He played a pivotal role as one of the founding members of the Núcleo Bernardelli in 1931. While initially recognized as a painter of landscapes and portraits, Joaquim Tenreiro gained prominence as a pioneering figure in the realm of modern Brazilian furniture. His multifaceted talents extended beyond painting, encompassing wood sculpture as well. In 1978, his contributions were acknowledged with the prestigious award for best sculptor from the Paulista Association of Art Critics. Notably, Walmir Ayala penned insightful reflections on Tenreiro’s work in 1972, stating: “The concept of beauty is seamlessly woven into his creations, conceived by a consistent artist dedicated to the task of elegantly organizing the spaces destined for human use, whether it be a chair, a landscape, or an assembly of structures capable of resonating, in contemporary terms, with the authentic echoes of the baroque decorative style of the colonial era.” Joaquim Tenreiro’s enduring impact on Brazilian art and design, particularly in the realm of modern furniture, endures as a testament to his artistic vision and dedication to creating spaces that marry form and function in a harmonious and beautiful way.


Record Sale

Joaquim TENREIRO (1906-1992)
Chaise tripode à pied compas “”Cadeira de 3 pés”” (1947)

Lot # 10
Wood (imbuia, pau-marfim, mogno, palissandre, acajou)
69 x 58.5 x 75 cm
Hammer price: $ 174,874 (€ 158,000 )
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 219,478 (€ 198,300 )
Estimate: $ 132,816 – $ 177,088 (€ 120,000 – € 160,000 )
Design do Brasil 1940-2015
07 jul 2016
Paris, France.

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