b. 1775
- d. 1851
  • England
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$USD 47.594.196
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Joseph Mallord William Turner’s early journey involved studies at the Royal Academy of Arts, where he exhibited a profound interest in capturing the nuances of light, atmosphere, and the natural world. Turner’s art is distinguished by his extraordinary capacity to evoke emotion and ambiance through a striking manipulation of color and luminosity. His expertise in both watercolor and oil painting techniques allowed him to depict the serene as well as the awe-inspiring forces of nature.

Throughout his prolific career, Turner generated a substantial body of work, encompassing serene landscapes, dramatic seascapes, and historical narratives, continuously pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. His enduring influence on the art world is evident in the enduring appeal of his creations, which continue to captivate art collectors and enthusiasts. Turner’s legacy shines brightly, marking his significant contributions to the tapestry of art history.


Record Sale

William TURNER (1775-1851)
Rome, From Mount Aventine (1775–1851)

92.7 x 125.7 cm

London, United Kingdom
Old Master & British Paintings, 03 dec 2014

Lot # 44
Hammer price: $ 42,379,200
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 47,594,196
Estimate: $ 23,544,000 – $ 31,392,000

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