b. 1908
- d. 1963
  • Spain
Turnover 2023
$USD 5.999.917
Record Sale
$USD 6.186.800

Remedios Varo’s artistic odyssey was characterized by an insatiable curiosity and an unrelenting exploration of imaginative realms. Her early exposure to art and literature, combined with her studies in both Barcelona and Madrid, laid the groundwork for her distinctive artistic expression. Varo’s life took a significant turn during the Spanish Civil War, leading her to Paris, where she crossed paths with prominent surrealists, immersing herself in the surrealist movement. Her time in Europe ignited her fascination with the fantastic, the mystical, and the interplay between reality and the subconscious.

However, it was her relocation to Mexico City in 1942 that marked a transformative chapter in her career. Submerged in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Mexico and collaborating with fellow exiled artists, she found a nurturing environment that allowed her creative vision to flourish. Her masterful works often featured intricate details, labyrinthine landscapes, and enigmatic characters inhabiting dreamlike scenarios. Drawing from her interests in alchemy, mysticism, and science, Varo’s paintings invited viewers to explore hidden dimensions and uncover concealed meanings. Her unique synthesis of personal symbolism with broader allegories created a captivating and multi-layered experience for those who encountered her art.


Record Sale

Remedios Lizarraga VARO (1908-1963)
Armonia (1956)

75 x 92 cm

United States
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale
29 jun 2020
Online only

Lot # 1004
Hammer price: $ 5,200,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 6,186,800
Estimate: $ 2,000,000 – $ 3,000,000

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