b. 1906
- d. 1997
  • France
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Victor Vasarely’s artistic journey commenced with his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, followed by the honing of his skills in graphic design. However, it was his encounter with the Bauhaus movement and his fascination with the potential of abstract forms and optical effects that set him on a lifelong quest for artistic experimentation.

Vasarely’s groundbreaking artistic vision materialized in the form of Op art, a movement he pioneered, rooted in the manipulation of optical illusions, patterns, and geometric shapes to create dynamic visual experiences. His meticulously crafted artworks, often characterized by intricately organized grids, rhythmic patterns, and vibrant colors, appeared to come alive with movement and depth when observed. This transformative approach to art challenged conventional notions of static representation and encouraged viewers to actively engage with the canvas.

Upon relocating to Paris in the 1930s, Vasarely’s talent and creativity flourished. He delved into the interplay between art and science, collaborating with mathematicians and scientists to develop a comprehensive theoretical framework for his artistic pursuits. His “Zebra” and “Vega” series have become iconic exemplars of his Op art style, demonstrating his mastery in creating mesmerizing visual effects through the calculated manipulation of colors and shapes.

Vasarely’s influence extended well beyond the realm of the canvas. He championed the idea of “art for all” and championed the integration of art into everyday life. His innovative approach led to the creation of large-scale public installations, architectural collaborations, and ventures into industrial design, where he sought to infuse the aesthetic principles of Op art into utilitarian objects.


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Victor Vasarely (1906-1997)
Altaï III (1955/58)

162 x 130 cm

London, United Kingdom
Zero porperty from the Sammlung Lenz Schonberg, 10 feb 2010



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