• Oil on canvas
size :
x 72cm
Sold for :

$USD 1300000

About the work

Sold at 20 nov 1995 in a Christie's auction - New York NY, United States to Museu de Arte Latino-americana de Buenos Aires (MALBA).

Categories & tags
  • Brazilian Art  
  • Latin American Art
The artist(s)


Tarsila de Aguiar do Amaral (1886 - 1973) was a Brazilian painter, draftswoman, and translator. She is considered one of the leading Latin American modernist artists, and is regarded as the painter who best achieved Brazilian aspirations for nationalistic expression in a modern style. As a member of the Grupo dos Cinco, Tarsila is also considered a major influence in the modern art movement in Brazil, alongside Anita Malfatti, Menotti Del Picchia, Mário de Andrade, and Oswald de Andrade. She was instrumental in the formation of the aesthetic movement, Antropofagia (1928–1929); in fact, Tarsila was the one with her celebrated painting, Abaporu, who inspired Oswald de Andrade's famous Manifesto Antropófago.

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