• Oil on canvas
size :
x 154cm
Sold for :

$USD 15000000

About the work

After the painting was destroyed in a house fire, Jean Boghici was awarded a $15 million USD insurance claim.

The artist(s)
Emiliano Di Cavalcanti was a renowned Brazilian artist known for his contributions to Cubist and modernist painting. Born in Brazil, Di Cavalcanti's artistic journey took him to France, where he also lived and worked. His vibrant and expressive artworks showcased his unique style, influenced by the Cubist movement. Di Cavalcanti's works often depicted scenes from Brazilian culture, capturing the essence of his homeland with vivid colors and dynamic compositions. Throughout his career, he achieved significant recognition and success, with his artworks being showcased in exhibitions, auctions, and galleries worldwide. Di Cavalcanti's legacy as a pioneering figure in Brazilian art continues to inspire generations of artists.

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