SP-Arte Sales Report 2024

Adriano Pedrosa’s presence as the curator of the Venice Biennale has a significant impact on the valorization of Brazilian art. Renowned modern artists such as Eliseu Visconti, Victor Brecheret, Djanira, Volpi, Ione Saldanha, Ana Maria Maiolino, Amadeu Lorenzatto and Rubem Valentim will be represented during the event in the central pavilion. Additionally, indigenous artists from […]

The met is accused of secretly selling a Van Gogh painting looted by the Nazis.

The saga begins in 1935 when the painting was purchased by the Jewish collectorHedwig Stern from Munich’s prestigious Heinrich Thannhauser Gallery. However, as the ominous cloud of Nazi persecution gathered strength in 1936, Stern’s family attempted to flee, only to have their beloved artwork seized by the Gestapo. Fast forward to 1948, and the painting found its way […]

Old Masters Auction Market

Christie’s London Old Masters Sale Results I- OLD MASTERS AUCTION MARKET The year 2022 represented a record for Old Masters sales over the last 5 years, reaching $691.8 M. In 2022, $229.2 Million worth of European Old Master works sold for more than $10 Million each. That total was nearly $100 Million more than the previous high in 2021, when sales […]

An analysis of the Art Forgery Market

Horst Haug of Baden Wuertremberg's State Office of Criminal Investigation presenting counterfeit sculptures purportedly by Alberto Giacometti in Stuttgart, Germany, 19 August 2009

HISTORY OF ART FORGERY Art forgery has always existed but has developed massively over the last century. Gilles Perrault, a judicial expert at the Cour de Cassation (French Supreme Court), explains: “In Antiquity, the Romans copied Greek sculptures and sold them as authentic, because it earns them more than 20 times than a copy”. The first […]

Paintings by forger Elmyr de Hory at auction in Brazil

Hungarian painter and art forger Elmyr de Hory, in 1973.

THE DESTINIES OF CARLOS MOSSY AND FERNAND LEGROS INTERSECT ON COPACABANA BEACH In Copacabana, in the mid-1960s, Fernand Legros was about to drown when he was saved by Carlo Mossy. He told him something like: “You saved my life. So I’m going to save yours.” Fernand Legros, and Carlo Mossy, unknown at the time, began a romance. Mossy […]

European VAT: the next paradise for artwork importations?

Countries are required to align national laws with the new directive by the end of 2024. The previous directive passed in 2006 excluded art from the list of products and services eligible for reduced VAT rates. But this new directive includes a “supply of works of art, collectors’ items and antiques”!  Gallerists and art dealers […]

Permanent Yayoi Kusama Gallery opens at Instituto Inhotim

GALERIA YAYOI KUSAMA The architectural project of Galeria Yayoi Kusama was developed by architectsFernando Maculan (MACh) and Maria Paz (Rizoma). It encompasses an area of 1.436 m² located on the Orange Path, near Galeria Cosmococa and the Trails Garden. Visitors arrive at the gallery via a stone path and a garden of tropical plants. The landscaping project was […]

Surfing the Wave of the Weaver 

Louise Bourgeois Spider, 1996 Bronze Sculpture 337 x 668 x 632 cm

ITAÚ IS ABOUT TO SET THE NEXT AUCTION RECORD FOR A FEMALE ARTIST Louise Bourgeois‘ famous Spider sculpture, purchased by Fundação Itaú in 1996 after the São Paulo Biennial and then exhibited at MAM SP from 1997 to 2017, will be auctioned at Sotheby’s New York on May 18th. It is expected to fetch up to U$40 million, setting […]

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