Sophie Su Art Advisory was born from the desire to share our expertise.

Acquired over a decade of professional experience in the Art Market, we assist our clients in every step of their collecting journey:

Free Appraisals & Inventories

Uncertain of the true market value of an artwork in your possession? SSAA’s complimentary appraisal service can shed light on its hidden potential. Our seasoned experts, steeped in art market knowledge, employ a rigorous methodology that meticulously analyzes auction results and sales trends practiced by renowned galleries. 

This ensures you receive a realistic assessment, providing a solid foundation for informed decisions regarding your artwork. Beyond mere valuation, SSAA also offers a comprehensive inventory service. This valuable resource simplifies collection management, assists with insurance purposes, and empowers future planning.

Assisting with Collection Construction (buying & selling)

Whether you’re seeking to expand your collection or find the perfect buyer for an artwork, SSAA is your trusted partner. Our dedicated team tailors its recommendations to your unique preferences and vision, ensuring your collection evolves with coherence and purpose.

With our extensive global network of renowned galleries, auction houses, and collectors, we facilitate both acquisitions and sales seamlessly. From suggesting exceptional opportunities to realizing optimal returns upon resale, we guide you toward achieving your objectives.

Market & Artists Analysis

One of the services that SSAA proposes to its clients is the monitoring of the artists’ values they collect.

As each artist has their own market, this personalized follow-up is essential so that we can better advise clients, either by bringing good opportunities for acquisition and monitoring peak moments, thus optimizing sales gains.

Private Collections & Curatorial Projects

SSAA proposes projects adapted to their clients taste, targeting not only those who want to start a collection but also those who want to see the curatorial and investment possibilities among their acquisitions.

Whether they want to focus on the works to be shown in their residences or private venues, for example, or in case the collectors seek consistency when assembling their collections, SSAA assists with the criteria for a coherent collection building.

Tailor-made Investment Proposal

At SSAA, we understand that art investors seek not only strong returns but also unique opportunities to acquire exceptional pieces. We go beyond the conventional, offering access to exclusive artwork and hidden gems within the market.

Whether you’re an established collector seeking diversification or a new investor entering the market, we curate a portfolio of artworks that align to your specific financial goals. Through open dialogue and transparent analysis, we empower you to make the best decisions.

Collection Cataloging and Authentication

For many collectors, managing the documentation of their art acquisitions can be a daunting task. SSAA offers comprehensive cataloging services to streamline this process, ensuring the well-being and value of your prized possessions.

Our team meticulously regroups existing documentation, recovers missing details, and unifies all information into a personalized format, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We also actively seek authentication certificates from artists, estates, and renowned experts, adding another layer of confidence and value to your treasured collection.

Turnkey Auctions

SSAA has expertise in proposing auctions that revolve around a theme, handling everything from the negotiation of the works to be sold to the transport to the auction house.

We also handle the cataloging of the pieces and export/import logistics, allowing our partners to concentrate solely on selling the presented artworks.

Logistics Coordination

At SSAA, we understand the importance of seamless logistics for acquiring and selling artwork across borders. Our team of experts handles every aspect, from secure packing and crating to efficient shipping, border crossings and customs clearance. 

We leverage our global network of trusted partners to find the most secure and cost-effective routes, ensuring your artwork arrives safely and on time.

Content Creation

Research is a pivotal tool for SSAA. It allows us to understand the market and its trends, it is the base for price comparaison and what sets us apart.

It is also the foundation for the content we create: through our social media channels and customized newsletter, we enhance our performance, getting to know clients better thanks to the exchanges on a broad spectrum of themes.

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