SP-Arte Sales Report 2024

The 20th edition of SP–Arte, the most relevant art and design fair in Latin America, took place from April 3rd to 7th at the Bienal Pavilion in São Paulo. This year, the fair featured more than 5.000 works and 1.500 artists from Brazil and around the world, including 190 exhibitors, 99 art galleries (there were 41 at the first event), and 54 more dedicated to design, attracting over 30.000 visitors.


Adriano Pedrosa’s presence as the curator of the Venice Biennale has a significant impact on the valorization of Brazilian art. Renowned modern artists such as Eliseu Visconti, Victor Brecheret, Djanira, Volpi, Ione Saldanha, Ana Maria Maiolino, Amadeu Lorenzatto and Rubem Valentim will be represented during the event in the central pavilion. Additionally, indigenous artists from the Mahku collective are currently transforming the building of the central pavilion of the biennale into an indigenous temple.

This participation provides a unique opportunity for the world to discover Brazilian artists who had not previously received great visibility. Despite events like Rotas Brasileiras already attracting over 40 international institutions, there are still many national artists deserving of recognition. Names like Rubem Valentim, Chico da Silva, Jaider Esbell, Ana Maria Maiolino, Lucas Arruda, and Dalton Paula have been acquired by public institutions in the past year, highlighting the growing international recognition of Brazilian Art abroad.

Fernanda Feitosa Founder and Tamara Perlman Director of New Business highlight the consolidation of the fair over its two decades of existence, recognizing the contribution of the entire artistic community. She emphasizes SP Arte’s role as an engine for the market, promoting professionalization and expansion, while highlighting the concept of a platform, creating opportunities for artists, galleries, and designers to shine.

Let’s notice that this Edition saw the presence of a new, younger audience and a reduced frequency of classic collectors. The highest volume of sales was noted for average sale values between R$10.000 to R$100.000 reflecting a significant increase. Even galleries known for selling million-dollar secondary market works chose to include more accessible contemporary pieces in their curation .

On the other hand, multiple million-dollar sales were observed for galleries specializing in the secondary market, ranging from 1 to 7 million, demonstrating that the 2024 edition was a great success for several of them. This indicates that political fears related to wars in Eastern Europe and the Middle East have no significant impact on the art market in Brazil.

In the last decade alone, over 170 works have been incorporated by institutions such as the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, MASP, MAM-SP, MAR, and the National Museum of Fine Arts, donated by individuals and corporations like the Iguatemi São Paulo group and private collectors including Cleusa Garfinkel. Artists like Jonathas de Andrade, Lucia Koch, Marcelo Cidade, Cristiano Lenhardt, Laura Lima, and Jaime Lauriano are among the beneficiaries.

The 20 years of the fair mark SP Arte’s ongoing commitment to strengthen and expand the art market in Brazil, exploring new initiatives and driving local networks across the country.

So join us behind the scenes for an exclusive look into the solid values and emerging trendsetters in the Brazilian Art Market. Get firsthand insights into the artists worth investing in and the latest trends to follow!

Modern galleries have consistently participated in SP-Arte for 20 years. Throughout this period, they have solidified their position as vital elements of the occasion, adding to its variety and reputation. These galleries bring a rich variety of contemporary artworks to the fair, encompassing paintings, sculptures, installations, and new forms of artistic expression, with a total of 19 exhibitors. By staying on, they not only exemplify the galleries’ dedication to the event but also emphasize the São Paulo art fair’s significance as a crucial hub for international cultural and commercial exchange in the art world.

Almeida & Dale presented a selection of works made between the early 1920s until the contemporary period. The Gallery reported the sale of an Azulejão by Adriana Varejão and a wall sculpture from Anish Kapoor.

Almeida & Dale’s booth view

Adriana Varejão
Azulejão (Moon), 2018
Oil and plaster on canvas
180 x 180 cm

Anish Kapoor
Untilted, 2012
Stainless steel and gold plate
129 x 129 x 28 cm

Dan Galeria presents the artworks of Jesus Rafael Soto, a pioneer in kinetic art, alongside pieces by Tony Cragg and Luis Tomasello, an artist renowned for his abstract geometric constructions that manipulate light to shape form and imagery.

Dan Galeria’s booth view

Galeria Frente is exhibiting more than fifty relevant artworks from Brazilian historical artists. Among them Beatriz Milhazes, Abraham Palatnik, Eleonore Koch, Antonio Dias and Mira Schendel.

Frente Galeria’s booth view

Frente Galeria’s booth view

In honor of the centenary of the Surrealist manifest, the Gallery presents a collection of Brazilian artists like Bernardo Cid, Eli Heil, Fernando Lopes, Niobe Xandó, Maciej Babinski, Paolo Rissone, Sérgio Lima, Tereza D’Amico, Walter Levy among others, who engaged in meaningful discourse with the movement. MaPa also produced the Surrealist Dinner with the presence of Surrealist artists: Sérgio Lima, Lou Debois, Patrícia Debois and Miguel de Carvalho. The gallery demonstrates a global trend, art institutions worldwide are marking the centenary of the from Paris to Shanghai, with exhibitions celebrating the movement. Notable showcases include those at The Pompidou Center in Paris and Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

MaPa Galeria’s booth view

Gomide & Co has successfully sold six woodblocks of Conto de Gonji’s Ukyo-e for $45.000 each from a rare collection originally brought to Brazil in the 1930s by the artist Massao Okinaka directly from Japan. It’s noteworthy that a significant portion of this portfolio was meticulously adquired by Emmanoel Araujo and currently resides within the esteemed collection of the Museu Afro in São Paulo. Among the artists included the Gallery booth we can highlights the sales of Julia Isidrez for R$10.000, Chico da Silva for R$150.000 and Amadeo Lorenzato for R$1M.

Gomide & Co Galeria’s booth view

Toyohara Kunichika

Amadeo Lorenzato
Untitled, 1977
Oil on hardboard
49 x 39 cm

Marcia Felmanas notably featured the sale of two pieces by the renowned artist Carlos Araújo, fetching approximately R$200.000 each, alongside a painting by Emiliano Di Cavalcanti and one by Manabu Mabe. Negotiations for other artworks are currently underway.

Hilda Araujo Escritório de Arte Galeria’s booth view

Carlos Araujo
Benção, 2022
Oil on canvas glued to wood
160 × 110 cm 

The Marco Zero Gallery, curated by Jacopo Crivelli around the theme of earth, explored natural representations in ceramics and landscape subjects. Among its notable sales were two paintings by Montez Magno, along with two ceramic sculptures by Francisco Brennand and one by Miguel dos Santos for R$250.000.

Miguel dos Santos
Untitled, 2005
Ceramic sculpture
170 × 160 cm

Montez Magno
Mandala [Série Tantra], 1973/74
Oil on canvas
170 × 160 cm

Francisco Brennan
Untitled, 1963
Ceramic sculpture
95 x 60cm

Paulo Darzé Galeria is showcasing a solo exhibition by Bahian artist J. Cunha. Born in 1948 his multifaceted work reflects the diverse ancestral heritage from African Bantu, Kiriris Indians, and Armenian gypsies. J. Cunha’s largest monographic exhibition, Corpo Tropical, curated by Renato Menezes, will be showcased at Pina Estação. The monumental panel, recently acquired by the Inhotim Institute, measuring 3x7m and featuring twenty-one of the artist’s works, will also be on display on this occasion.

Paulo Darzé’s booth view

To celebrate this 20th anniversary the Gallery brings two national highlights including Cícero Dias’ and Lygia Clark’s work. The Gallery marks its presence at the fair with the sale of Vista de Ouro Preto II (1946) by Alberto Guignard for R$ 1.4 Million.

Paulo Kuczynski’s booth view

Alberto da Veiga Guignard
Festa de São João, 1961
Oil on wood
28 x 30 cm

Pinakotheke’s emphasis this year is on historical Brazilian artists. Alongside with this selection, let’s highlight the sale of a Jaildo Marinho‘s marble sculpture for R$200.000.

Pinakotheke’s booth view with yellow marble sculpture of Jaildo Marinho

Galería Sur presents the artists: Joaquín Torres García, Adriana Varejão, Ismael Nery, Pedro Figari, among others. Adriana Varejão’s Coração, part of the Tripas series, dated from 1996 but recently reinterpreted by the artist, challenges aesthetic conventions and propose a reflection about the historical violence suffered by indigenous peoples in Brazil.

Galería Sur’s booth view

Adriana Varejão
Coração, 2024
Oil on canvas, styrofoam, basin and iron support
120 x 70cm

The Gallery sold a variety of artworks from renowned artists such Gê Viana for R$60.000 to the Pinacoteca of São Paulo State Museum, through a donation from Cleusa Garfinkel. Gustavo Nobrega also highlights the sale of the ceramic installation Amassadinhos by Celeida Tostes for R$125.000 and a Hermelindo Fiaminghi painting from the Corluz series for R$246.000.

Superficie Galeria’s booth overview

Gê Viana
Untitled from the series Couro Laminado, 2023
Hand gluing, woven raffia with metallized polyester and acrylic paint
145 x 185 cm

Celeida Tostes
Amassadinhos, 1991
50 pieces, measuring between 05 x 15 cm each

Hermelindo Fiaminghi
Corluz 8927, 1989
Tempera oil on canvas
130 x 150

The esteemed contemporary galleries, as customary, were joined by newcomers this year. Here, we discern emerging trends and comprehend the integration of new Brazilian artists within both national and international institutions.

Aura Gallery showcased a project that explores contemporary art’s tensions surrounding the concept of space including artworks from André Mendes, Bruno Weilemann Belo, Cecília Costa, Érica Magalhães, Fernanda Valadares, Helô Sanvoy, Luiza Gottschalk, Marcela Crosman, Maria Lynch, Renan Teles, Rommulo Vieira Conceição, and Uýra. We highlight the sales of Luiza Gottschalk for R$55.800 e Rommulo Vieira Conceição R$180.000.

Rommulo Vieira Conceição
O espaço físico requer que o outro seja aliado ou inimigo, 2024
123 x 342 cm

Luiza Gottschalk
Chuva de Prata, 2024
Mixed media on canvas
200 x 155 cm

The Andrea Reader Gallery sold Açougue Brasil n2 by Rodrigo Pedrosa for R$150.000 by the Geminiani Momesso Park collection in Paraná. His exhibition Abismo curated by Rafael Fortes Peixoto is currently showcased at the Gallery location at Av. Brasil – 2079, Jardim Paulista until May 3. A Luciano Macedo’s mixed technique was also sold during the fair and Livia Moura’s artwork is currently under negotiation with several collectors.

Luciano Macedo
Mixed technique
270 x 200cm

Rodrigo Pedrosa
Açougue Brasil n2
Mixed technique
245 x 70 x 60cm.

Livia Moura
Potentia Mater, 2023
Mixed technique
300 x 240cm

The Arteformatto Gallery brought new works by Argentinian artists Camila Lamarca, Florencia Caiazza and Lorena Ventimiglia.

Arteformatto Galeria’s booth overview

The Gallery was taking part in the 20th edition of the fair with a selection of works by Albano Afonso, AVAF, Joana Vasconcelos, Sandra Cinto, Lucas Simões, among others.

Casa Triangulo Galeria’s booth overview

Danielian, the Carioca Gallery, made a notable appearance in partnership with Nonada, presenting a solo show of Humberto Espíndola while at the same time as Sp-Arte, the Gallery inaugurated its new location at R. Estados Unidos, 2114 – Jardim Paulista, where twelve works by the artist Pedro Paulo Leal were sold.

Danielian Galeria’s booth overview

The Gallery reported the sale of fifteen works, totaling over R$7 million. Among the works sold were twelve different artists: Lygia Pape, Bruno Novelli, Katie van Scherpenberg, Sérgio Camargo, Rubem Valentim, Allan Weber, Mira Schendel, Ivan Serpa, Marilia Kranz, Maria Polo, Dionísio del Santo and Aislan Pankararu.

Galatea Galeria’s booth view

Lygia Pape
Untitled, from the series Quadrados,1955
Gouache on cardboard
23 x 23 cm

Sergio Camargo
Untitled, 1968
Painted wood relief on wood block
25 x 22 x 19.5 cm

Bruno Novelli
Tocaia na terra de ouro, 2024
Acrylic on canvas
160 x 100 cm

Mira Schendel
Untitled, 1972
Marker pen on paper
25 x 18 cm 

Sold works from Raul Mourão, Tiago Sant’anna, Mestre Didi, Mario Cravo Neto for a price between R$20.000 to R$150.000. Let’s emphasize two artworks from Adriana Coppio sold to both international gallerist and collector.

Raul Mourao
Swing Barra #13, 2022
Corten steel
80 x 75 x 44 cm

Mestre Didi
Mixed media
113 x 30 cm

Mario Cravo Neto
Wood Carving
48 x 18 x 21 cm

Galeria Clima highlights several sales, including four works by the artist Armarinhos Teixeira with a price range of R$55.000.

Clima Galeria’s booth view

The Gallery has reported multiple sales, including paintings by Amadeu Lorenzatto, ranging in price from R$400.00 to R$500.000 to a collector in New York. Additionally, two woodblocks by Santidão Perreira were sold for R$35.000 each. Furthermore, five Chico da Silva paintings on canvas from the 1960s were sold to the international market, with an average sale price of R$150.000 each. Lastly, the Gallery announced the sale of twelve paintings by Deni Lantz, who will be undertaking a residency at NYU in Brooklyn this year.

Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato
Oil on eucatex
70 x 45 cm

Santídio Pereira
Woodcut printed on 100% cotton, pH neutral paper
248 x 108 cm

Chico da Silva
Gouache on eucatex
56 x 77 cm

Chico da Silva
Gouache on eucatex
56 x 77 cm

Deni Lantz
Oil and beeswax on canvas
24 x 30 cm

HOA Gallery is the first black-owned gallery in Brazil, based in São Paulo. Dedicated to Latinx contemporary art with a decolonial perspective, it highlights emerging artists, including those from indigenous, African and Asian diasporas. The Gallery represents fourteen artists and has a network of more than forty artists from all over the country, contributing to a new vision of the national art scene. The Inhotim Institute acquired the largest available artworks by artists Mika Takahashi and Mariana Rocha, with other private collectors also acquiring pieces by these same artists.

HOA Galeria’s booth view

Mika Takahashi
Alquimia, 2024
Oil on canvas
130 x 300 cm

Mariana Rocha
Tentáculos, intestinos, túneis, 2023
Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
148 x 116 cm

The Gallery reported sales by artists Ana Elisa Egreja, Marcia de Moares, Heloisa Hariadne, Gabriel Giucci, Frederico Filippi, Gabriela Girolatti and Tiago Santana.

Leme Galeria’s booth view

The Gallery prioritizes the sales of artists Brendon Reis, Felipe Sabino, Jefferson Medeiros, and Francisco Muque, with particular emphasis on Jorge Mayet, whose tree installations garnered multiple sales during the fair.

INOX Galeria’s booth view

INOX Galeria’s booth view

The Gallery informed us that it had achieved a cumulative sale of seventy-three pieces, including pieces by the artist Bu’u Kennedy kindly donated to the Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo Museum by Paulo and Ana Eliza Setubal.

Luis Maluf Galeria’s booth view

Bu’u Kennedy‘s artworks

The Gallery noted that the audience of collectors was younger and the price range for the medium tickets was lower compared to previous editions. They reported sales of Pernambuco artists such as Zé Cláudio and José Barbosa, with prices ranging from R$35.000 to R$50.000.

Magalhães Gouvêa Escritório de Arte Galeria’s booth view

Art pieces from Millan Gallery found their way into both institutional and private collections. The Gustavo Caboclo has been acquired by the Pinacoteca Museum of Estado de São Paulo. Saint Clair Cemin went to a Belo Horizonte private collection. A private collection in Rio de Janeiro has acquired the photograph by Miguel Rio Branco. Among the artists prominently featured in the sales were young talents like David Almeida, Fran Chang, Thiago Hathner, Tatiana Blass, and Thiago Rocha Pitta. Additional notable artists featured in the exhibition are the exceptional Maxwell Alexandre and Vivian Caccuri.

Millan Galeria’s booth view

Miguel Rio Branco
Blue Tango, 1984/1999
Set of 20, 160 x 300 cm

The Nara Roesler Gallery showcased a curated collection of the latest artwork by its artists. The collection of sold artworks featured pieces by a diverse group of artists, including younger talents like Manoela Medeiros, Elian Almeida, and Bruno Dunley, as well as established figures such as Julio Le Parc, Abraham Palatnik, Tomie Ohtake, Artur Lescher, José Patrício, Alberto Pitta, and Vik Muniz. The Gallery reported sales ranging from R$30.000 to R$1M.

Nara Roesler Galeria’s booth view

Silvia Cintra Gallery prides itself on showcasing a wide range of artists, from well-known names such as Iole de Freitas, Sebastião Salgado, Silvia Cintra and Miguel Rio Branco to emerging stars like Thix, a non-binary artist who recently made waves by winning the Revelation of the Arts Award. In addition, the Gallery states that this year’s edition surpassed the previous year’s in terms of success.

The Gallery is highlighting multiple sales among them artists Antonio Pichílla, Deborah Engel, Pedro Neves, Mano Penalva, Nadia Taquary, Arthur Palhano, Kika Carvalho, Mulambö, Élle de Bernardini, Mirela Cabral, Mai-Britt Wolthers.

Portas Vilaseca Galeria’s booth view

The outcome of a collaborative venture between Venus Project and Marli Matsumoto whereby announces significant sales, notably the near-complete acquisition of Flora Rebollo’s exhibition by a foreign collector, leaving only three small works available. Works by Darks Miranda, Adriana Coppio, Janaína Wagner, and Yan Copelli have also been successfully sold. Furthermore, Luciana Maas, whose solo exhibition is scheduled to open at the Ibere Camargo Foundation next Saturday, is among the accomplished sales. Prices for these acquisitions range from R$10.000 to R$80.000.

Among the sales the Gallery highlights artworks from Alex Cerveny, Amadeu Lorenzato, Gerson Souza, Maria Lira.

Rodrigo Ratton Galeria’s booth view

Alex Cerveny
Untitled, 2020
Oil on canvas
27 x 35 cm

Simões de Assis features highly renowned artists such Adriana Varejão, Emanoel Araújo, Sérgio Camargo, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Cícero Dias, Ione Saldanha who will be honored during the Venice Biennale next week. Also on display are works by newcomers such as Flávio Cerqueira and Diambe da Silva, presented bronze sculptures custom-made for the event.

Simões de Assis booth view

For non-commercial spaces like Casa do Povo, the fair is always an opportunity to communicate about work and commission new collections, this year the Gallery present the artworks from Mauro Restiffe, Dan Lie in collaboration with Regina Dabdab, Rodrigo Andrade, and Yael Bartana, an Israeli artist based in Germany who will even be representing Germany at the Venice Biennale this year.

Yael Bartana‘s movie shoot

Solar dos Abacaxis founded in 2015, in Rio de Janeiro, aim to promote a fairer, healthier, freer and more affectionate world through art and education with artist residencies focusing on encouraging the creation of knowledge. The institution booth at SP arte showcased artworks of renowned artists Cildo Meireles, Cinthia Marcelle, Lidia Lisboa, Mariana Rocha, Marina Rheingantz, Pedro França and Rochelle Costi.

Solar dos Abacaxis’s booth view

Participating artists for the Gallery’s program are specially invited to create unique pieces, adding an authentic and personal touch to each item. This range covers a variety of products, such as T-shirts, bags, notebooks, publications and much more. The gallery highlights works by artists Mariana Castillo Deball, Paulo Nazareth and Maria Garcia Torres.

Mariana Castillo Deball Escadinha

Paulo Nazareth Cachaça Despacho

The 20th anniversary of the SP-Arte fair was a resounding success, showcasing the thriving Brazilian art scene. Brazilian artists are gaining recognition and appreciation in both international collections and public institutions, signaling a promising future for the country’s art landscape. The art world is a captivating blend of mystery and fascination. We are dedicated to providing you with exclusive guidance to help you build your art collection, offering support to navigate and enrich your artistic journey.

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