b. 1887
- d. 1985
  • Russia
Turnover 2023
$USD 100.262.394
Record Sale
$USD 28.453.000

Marc Chagall’s (1887-1985) early life was shaped by his Jewish heritage and the vibrant cultural tapestry of Eastern Europe. This rich milieu left an indelible imprint on his artistic sensibilities, infusing his works with a unique blend of folklore, mysticism, and an almost dreamlike quality.

Chagall’s artistic journey commenced with formal studies in St. Petersburg and later in Paris, where he encountered a diverse array of artistic movements that would inform his distinctive style. His artistic expression defied easy categorization as he effortlessly traversed various forms, including painting, stained glass, ceramics, and stage design. His innovative use of color, symbolism, and extravagant imagery forged a visual language that transcended traditional representation.

Love, memory, spirituality, and the interplay between the real and the surreal emerged as recurring themes in his work, reflecting his personal experiences, nostalgia for his homeland, and his encounters with love and loss. 

Amid the tumultuous backdrop of the 20th century, Chagall’s life and art bore witness to personal and global upheaval. Fleeing the turmoil of the First World War and the Russian Revolution, he sought refuge in various European cities before finally settling in the United States during the Second World War. This period of geographic displacement found poignant expression in his works, reflecting themes of displacement, exile, and homesickness.

Marc Chagall’s legacy is a kaleidoscope of emotions, a symphony of colors and shapes that invites viewers into his extravagant universe. His remarkable ability to capture the intangible, the ethereal, and the universal human experience has left an enduring mark on the annals of art history.


Record Sale

Marc CHAGALL (1887-1985)
Les amoureux (1928)

Oil canvas
117.3 x 90.5 cm

Hammer price: $ 25,000,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 28,453,000
Estimate: $ 12,000,000 – $ 18,000,000

Lot # 8
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale
14 nov 2017, New York NY, United States

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46 cm x
51 cm


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