Da Veiga Guignard

b. 1896
- d. 1962
  • Brazil
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$USD 76.391.900
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$USD 1.554.660

Alberto da Veiga Guignard also known as Alberto Guignard or Guignard was a Brazilian painter who became renowned for his depictions of the landscapes of Minas Gerais. Guignard was born in Nova Friburgo in the state of Rio de Janeiro. He was born with a cleft lip and palate. Guignard’s father died when he was a child. His mother remarried and moved with Alberto to Germany to be with her new husband Friedrich von Schilgen, a baron. In Europe, Guignard began studying painting at the age of 11 and continued his studies for the next 22 years. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, where he studied with Herman Groeber and Adolf Engeler and visited Florence.


Auction Record

Alberto da Veiga GUIGNARD (1896-1962)
Vaso de Flores (1930)
Oil on canvas
55 x 44,5 cm
Prix au marteau: 1 554 660 $ (5 400 000 BR)
Estimation: 1 151 600 $ – 1 727 400 $ (4 000 000 BR – 6 000 000 BR)
Arte Moderna – Arte Contemporanea – Design
Bolsa De Arte
Rio de Janeiro, Brésil.

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