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In 1974, Tunga earned his degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Santa Úrsula University in Rio de Janeiro. He collaborated with the magazine “Malasartes” and the newspaper “A Parte do Fogo.” During the 1980s, he delivered numerous lectures at the Philosophy Institute of UFRJ, the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at Santa Úrsula University, and Candido Mendes University. It was during this decade that Tunga emerged as one of Brazil’s foremost contemporary artists, gaining recognition on the global stage with exhibitions in esteemed institutions across several countries.

His work bears influences from the Baroque and Romantic eras. Creating immersive environments rich in metaphorical significance, he ingeniously employed seemingly incongruous materials such as magnets, copper, glass, and liquids to produce new layers of meaning, aligning his art with the spirit of Duchampian and surreal experimentation. Tunga possessed a “…rare intelligence in the universe of sculpture in contemporary art.” His creations delved into physical, mathematical, philosophical, and psychoanalytical themes.

Many of Tunga’s works conveyed a profound equilibrium, both in terms of form and intellect, all the while underlining the pronounced erotic undercurrent that encompassed themes of sex, violence, and mortality. He left an indelible mark on the art world, participating in the X Documenta in Kassel in 1997 and exhibiting a highly impactful installation at the Louvre Museum in Paris. An artist of international renown, Tunga resided and worked in Rio de Janeiro.

His deep engagement with the human body and its symbolic dimensions was exemplified in his performances, where he interacted with his art and his audience, merging time, space, and narrative into captivating spectacles. Works such as “Xifópagas Capilares” and “Tio Vivo” embodied this ethos, drawing spectators into his realm of sensory experiences. Tunga’s influence transcended geographical borders as he represented Brazil at the Venice Biennale and exhibited worldwide. His collaborations with fellow artists, writers, and intellectuals enriched his creative discourse.


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TUNGA (1952-2016)
Primeiras Núpcias (c.1986)

Installation (feuilles, fils et barres de cuivre, fer et aimants)
20 x 217 x 56 cm

Lot # 89
Hammer price: $ 190,978
Estimate: $ 8,483
Sep 21, 2020

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