Balloon Venus

size :
x 45cm
About the work

Polyurethane resin in custom trunk.

Masterpiece of Koons’ Antiquity series (44 pieces), thisart work is a mischievous and offbeat reinterpretation ofthe 23,000 BC Venus of Willendorf, discovered in Austria. It is a symbol of strength and original creation. Jeff Koons, who designed the label for the 2010 Mouton-Rothschild, has used highly chromed stainless steel, typical of the artist’s style.The box (exterior and interior) was designed byJeff Koons who also defined the technical details.


Artist studio Private collection Paris.

The artist(s)


Jeff Koons' art continues to be both celebrated and critiqued for its audacious embrace of consumer culture and its unapologetic blurring of the lines between high and low art. His impact on contemporary art extends beyond his creative output to his influence on the art market, the role of the artist in the digital age, and the ongoing conversations surrounding the nature of art and its relationship to commerce and society.

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