Physichromie n° 2277

  • Chromography on aluminum 
Signed and dated on verse
size :
x 60cm
About the work

The Physichromie is a structure designed to reveal certain circumstances and conditions related to color, changing according to the movement of the viewer and the intensity of the light, and thus projecting color into space to create an evolutionary situation of additive, reflective, and subtractive color. A Physichromie acts as a “light trap” in a space where a series of color frames interact; frames that transform each other, generating new ranges of colors not present on the support. Thus, the color fills the space confined between the vertical sheets — light-modulators — that cover the entire work. In addition, due to the effects of the viewer or light source, a series of color variations are created in them, similar to those observed in the real space of the landscape.

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Focusing on the kinetic energy of color, Carlos Cruz-Diez was a major figure in the Op Art movement.

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