SP-Arte sales Report 2023

Modern Art Paulo Kuczynski sold some important works including a large painting by the renowned Portuguese artist Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, a marble sculpture by Sérgio Camargo, and a fascinating “Bicho” by Lygia Clark. Almeida & Dale sold 60 of the works available at the booth, which paintings by Rubem Valentim, José Antônio da […]

Venice Biennale 2024 : When being traditional makes you radical

This presents a unique opportunity to delve into the dynamic exchange between foreign artists arriving in Europe and the emergence of a new kind of Modernism in the Global South. Most of artists represented here comes without major gallery representation or a foothold in the museum circuit, proposing a transversal approach as it was the […]

Madrid : The New Latin American HUB

ARCO 2024 SALES RESULTS Galleries worldwide featuring Brazilian Artists Esther Schipper & Levy Gorvy Specific Brazilian artworks were showcased in international galleries, such as the iconic “Blossom” artwork by conceptual artist Jac Leirner at Esther Schipper, Sergio Camargo Toquinhoat Levy Gorvy also showcasing interesting Gego sferic sculpture. Jac LeirnerBlossom, 201722 spirit levels130 x 67 x […]

Focus on Brazilian Art at Art Basel Miami Beach

A dedicated conversation on the Brazilian art market unfolded during the fair, accompanied by three articles exclusively dedicated to Brazilian art on the fair’s app. Juan Carlos Maldonado, a Venezuelan businessman specialized in the insurance, banking and health sectors, initiated his collection in 2005. With a focus in Geometric Abstraction, Maldonado’s collection is meticulously curated […]

Brazilian Highlights at Design Miami

The Curator’s Award for this year goes to Nifemi Marcus-Bello‘s Omi Iyo, presented by Marta Gallery.  The Best Gallery title was awarded to London’s Gallery FUMI for their enchanting display of sculpted forms that evoke a whimsical fantasy land. Artists VoukenasPetrides, Max Lamb, Jeremy Anderson, and Lukas Wegwerth contributed to the mesmerizing presentation.  The Best Curio Award was given to Raise the Moral (Los Angeles) for their […]

Ultra-Contemporary  Art Market Report 

THE GLOBAL ULTRA-CONTEMPORARY ART AUCTION MARKET Despite a 38% decline in global turnover compared to the same period in 2022, which reached a remarkable $206 million, H1 2023 stands as the third-best semester in the history of the Ultra-contemporary art segment. There is a noticeable stabilization in this market after the dynamic post-Covid period. Over […]

Emanoel Araújo’s collection acquired by a São Paulo foundation for R$30 million

The federal agency’s 30 museums have preference for cultural property sales or auctions, including the Araújo art collection with Baroque relics and Brazilian jewelry. In this manner, museums could exercise their pre-emption rights, however, ultimately, it is a private foundation, not a public institution, that became the acquirer. During the auction, Sophie Su interviewed Justino Marinho, […]

Emanoel Araújo’s collection at Bolsa de Arte celebrates brazilian culture’s richness and diversity

Given Emanoel Araújo’s importance, this exhibition attracts collectors and museum directors from all over the world, including those who are in São Paulo for the biennial art fair. With this perspective, the auction is anticipated to achieve remarkable success. He has assembled an impressive personal collection of over 4.000 works, celebrating Brazilian culture’s richness and diversity through old masters, paintings, […]

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