SP-Arte sales Report 2023

The 19th edition of SP–Arte, the most relevant art and design fair in Latin America, took place from March 29 to April 2, at the Bienal Pavilion in São Paulo. The fair featured 168 exhibitors, including 86 national art galleries, 15 international art galleries, and 45 design exhibitors – a sector that has grown 30% compared to the previous edition.⁠ ⁠This year, SP-Arte counted more than 30.000 entries, a record for the fair!


Paulo Kuczynski sold some important works including a large painting by the renowned Portuguese artist Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, a marble sculpture by Sérgio Camargo, and a fascinating “Bicho” by Lygia Clark.

Almeida & Dale sold 60 of the works available at the booth, which paintings by Rubem Valentim, José Antônio da Silva and Luiz Sacilotto. Their greatest success was with Contemporary Artists.

Gomide & Co sold more than 50 works, including a plaque by Francisco Brennand, Brazil’s most important ceramist, which fetched $90.000.

Contemporary Art

Galeria Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel reports that it sold 3 works to foreign collectors: one by Erika Verzutti, another by Barrão and a third by Márcia Falcão.

Millan has sold works of all price, from emerging artists like Guga Szabzon to artists of renowned artists like Tunga and Jaider Esbell.

Galatea sold about 50 works by contemporary artist,  including works by Carolina Cordeiro, Aislan Pankararu, Anna Maria Maiolino, Glauco Rodrigues and Eleonore Koch. A 2023 work by Allan Weber was donated to the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes in Rio de Janeiro by Jessica Cinel.

Galeria Raquel Arnaud sold a Waltercio Caldas for $120.000, a Iole de Freitas for $60.000, a Carla Chaim for $10.000 as well as a João Trevisan priced at $8.000.

Inox Gallery sold 7 Tree Sculptures by Jorge Mayet for R$ 150.000 each, 4 sculptures by Jorge dos Anjosfor R$ 60.000 each and 10 paintings by Brandon Reis for between R$7.000 to R$40.000.

Artworks from Felipe Sabino, Jefferson Medeiros and Brandon Reis were donated to Museu Nacional of Belas Artes of Rio de Janeiro by the collector Fernando Marques Oliveira.

Eduardo Fernandes Gallery sold 6 Claudia Melli’s paintings for around R$ 40.000 each.

Claudia Melli
Da série No Silêncio Águas, 2023
80 x 80 cm

Carmo Johnson Project sold in total 12 works by indigenous artists. 2 works by Makhu artists (Huni Kuin Artists Movement) were acquired at the fair and donated to the Masp by a philanthropist. Also a work by Kaya Agari was acquired by Geyze and Abílio Diniz who donated it to the Pinacoteca in São Paulo and another one was sold to an American museum.

They also sold almost all totens of Kássia Borges, indigenous artist, also curator of Masp. The pieces went to one of the biggest Brazilian collection and an international collection. 

The Makhu collective of artists are currently presenting an exhibition at Masp SP.

Carmo Johnson Project booth at SP-Arte 2023

Brazilian Design

Artemobilia sold Mesa de 5 Madeiras from Joaquim Tenreiro for R$ 300.000 on the VIP day of SP-Arte. 

Sergio Campos, the gallery Director is a specialist of Brazilian Vintage, autor of several catalogues raisonnés including of Giuseppe Scapinelli and Lina Bo Bardi. Quoting Livia Debane he underlines through this Tenreiro coffee table how the knowledge of manufacturing tecnics is essential to the understanding of design.

Auctions during SP-Arte

A painting by Laís Amaral was sold for R$300.000 at the Auction Arte para Arte organized by Pedro Buarque de Hollanda.

Bolsa de Arte made significant sales for Brazilian internationally recognized artists Alfredo Volpi for R$1.350.000 and Willys de Castro for R$920.000.

As a conclusion, we can say that the average budget of sales was around R$30.000 with some sales ranging from R$100.000 to R$150.000. Millionaire sales were very few as collectors are feeling a bit insecure about the Brazilian Economic Context and rather enjoy safe significant returns from fixed incomes.

The Brazilian Art market for this Edition of SP-Arte was in general more inclined towards contemporary artists, showing better results in term of value and sales volumes in that field.

Art market cycles are becoming very short as it happens with Luxury and Fashion. It has been proven that Ultra Contemporary artists bring exponential benefits so the market is supporting this new trend increasingly.

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