b. 1958
- d. 1990
  • United States
Turnover 2023
$USD 22.804.338
Record Sale
$USD 6.537.500

Keith Haring’s artistic journey commenced during his formative years, and he proceeded to pursue his studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Emerging within the vibrant street art and graffiti scene of the 1980s, Haring’s art was distinguished by its bold lines, vibrant colors, and universally comprehensible symbols that transcended linguistic barriers.

Haring’s work consistently conveyed themes of love, unity, and equality, while also addressing pressing social concerns, including AIDS awareness, apartheid, and anti-establishment sentiments. His iconic motifs, including radiant babies, dancing figures, and the barking dog, evolved into globally recognized symbols of his art. By utilizing public spaces as his canvas, Haring’s “subway drawings” brought art directly to the streets of New York City, democratizing art and erasing the distinctions between high and low culture.


Record Sale

Keith HARING (1958-1990)
Untitled (1982)


Acrylic/vinyl tarpaulin with metal grommets
308.6 x 301.6 cm

New York NY, United States.
Contemporary Art Evening Auction, 18 may 2017

Lot # 26
Hammer price: $ 5,600,000
Price including buyer’s premium: $ 6,537,500
Estimate: $ 4,000,000 – $ 6,000,000


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104 cm x
143 cm


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